BOSS 2017 is now over ! ! !

Hi Everyone !
BOSS 2017 is over, as of 16th August 00:00hrs.
You cannot submit any further claims on this website.

Results will be declared on 20th August 2017. If there are no disputes on any claims, the leaderboard as you can see on this page is the final standing.
Over the next few days we will verify the claims, and till 20th August we will entertain any disputes/complaints on [email protected] If there are any valid cases, we will consider and make changes accordingly on the leaderboard. The status of the leaderboard, as it will be on 20th August, will be the list of final winners of BOSS 2017

This website will remain in a read-only state for archive purpose, till BOSS 2018.
Thank you all for participating.
BOSS was a success because of your efforts.