BOSS 2020 has started !!!

Hi Everyone !

BOSS 2020 has officially begun as of 00:00 hrs, 15th May 2020. You can start submitting claims on CLAIMS ADD page.

The contest is on till 23:59hrs, 15th August 2020. If there are no disputes on any claims, the leaderboard as you can see on this page is the final standing. Mentors and admins verify the claims, and till 15th August we will continue to validate and accept valid claims.

If there are any concerns, please email [email protected]

Thank you all for participating. BOSS 2017 and 2018 were a success because of your efforts. Here's to hoping BOSS 2020 is bigger, better and BOSS-ier.

Contribution Guidelines
  • Search for the open issues with label 'BOSS' on Github or here.
  • Select an issue of your interest and start working on it by cloning the repository. You can also star the repository you're contributing to making it more popular on Github.

  • Make a PR for your work (1 PR per issue).

  • Wait for them to be merged. After that login here and make a claim in the add claims section.

  • We'll review the claim and award bounties to you.

  • You can also open new issues and start working on them but they will be added the label 'BOSS' only after we review.

  • Please note that issues will get 'BOSS' labels attached, only after that you are supposed to make a claim